Von folgenden Künstlern liegt uns die schriftliche Erlaubnis zur Verwendung ihrer Werke für Bastelarbeiten vor

Jim Warren

YES !! with credit to
Jim Warren Studios

Randy Souders

Sure thing...have fun---Randy Souders

Rusty Rust

Hi, Udo and Heike,

Thank you for your interest in using my images.

You may use any image you like, provided it is not used commercially or for financial gain; also, do not alter or change an image in any way, although you may soften or frame the edges. Water ripple, snow-effect or similar animated effects are permissible as long as other art work is not incorporated into the image.

Again, thanks for asking. Have fun!

Mr. D. “Rusty” Rust, Artist


Einige Künstler erlauben die persönliche, jedoch nicht kommerzielle Nutzung ihrer Werke in ihren Nutzungbedingungen, das Copyright der genutzten Bilder verbleibt jedoch beim Künstler

Jeffrey K. Bedrick


Geoff Taylor

Penny Parker

You are very welcome to use any of my pictures that you would like. If you create your own graphics from them, then please place my name along with a copyright symbol on the graphic. I will appreciate that very much.

Thank you so very much for asking.


Hi Udo & Heike,

You can use my images on your homepage but you must write

© Geoff Taylor - images used with the permission of the artist

and add a link to my website. www.geofftaylor.btinternet.co.uk

These images should not be used for sharing or for any monetary gain.

If you do change any then each image has to have © Geoff Taylor

written into it and cannot be passed off as your own.



Thank you for your interest in my art. I allow non-commercial use of my work
with the condition that each image is properly credited with the correct
title and my name or banner linked back to my site. If you can meet these
conditions then you may use my work in the manner you requested.